The art of intelligence

This project ‘The art of intelligence’ aims to comment on the abundance of knowledge and information that social media has created. As a society we are still yet to understand the neurological impacts of scrolling through our newsfeed for long periods of time. And furthermore, the impact this exposure to mass information has on our attention span, ability to learn and overall intelligence.

The art of intelligence is a collection of prints and a photorealist charcoal drawing of Albert Eisenstein. It encourages participants to spot the difference amongst the many faces of Albert Einstein and choose which one they think is the real drawing. In this sense, the project and experiment of spot the difference is a subtle attempt to engage with participants attention span and observation skills.

As a result, The art of intelligence hopes to open the discussion around what makes someone an intelligent person in our contemporary society.

Einstein, Charcoal on paper, 2018
Albert Einstein, Mixed media, 2019