Natalie de Rozario is a West Australian visual artist who comes from a diverse multicultural background. Her work investigate societal shifts towards gender, race, identity and mental health through emotionally expressive portraiture.

In 2009 Natalie learnt the fundamentals of realism and was mentored by local artist, Fang Wongmung whilst living in South East Asia.

Later 2014 she completed her Bachelor of Arts (Art and Design) at Curtin University, WA. For her last semester Natalie attended Kingston University, London where she became absorbed in the thriving and creative culture while interning at artist management agency, Streeters.

Natalie has spent extensive periods of time travelling to over 30 countries using the people she has met throughout her travels as the source of many of her portrait subjects. This is with the intention of exploring what connects us all.

Natalie is passionate about visual arts culture and intends to bring greater support to the global arts community in coming years.