Natalie de Rozario - Artist

Natalie de Rozario (She/They) is an artist based in Whadjuk Boodja (Western Australia), having completed a Bachelor of Arts partially here and at Kington University in London.

The concepts in their work include expressing raw emotions and attitudes towards racism and gender norms which are still so prevalent in today’s society and affect us all.

Natalie’s work is predominantly made from charcoal and naturally sourced materials to create expressive portraiture explorations. Using ancient techniques with charcoal powder and fine soft brushes, a method learnt from the artists time studying in Northern Thailand to create depth, drama and realism qualities. Although their practise is grounded with these ancient Asian techniques, Natalie is continuously experimenting different mediums, materials and methods. More recently, has been experimenting with Meta-Modernism ideology and polarised styles of art such as abstraction and realism and the evolving, oscillating balance between the two.

Natalie has spent extensive periods of time travelling to over 30 countries, finding inspiration through connections, shared experience, culture and a lot of people watching.

Over the past few years Natalie’s work has led to opportunities such as creating a various murals in Perth, London and Brazil, winning the Atwell Youth Award, being a finalist of the 2019 South Perth Emerging Artist Award and more recently winning the 2020 AtWork Australia Art Award.

Natalie is passionate about visual arts culture and intends to bring greater support to the global arts community in coming years.

Photograph by Christophe Canato